LavyLion Chocolate Medallion

LavyLion Chocolate Medallion

Holistic effects

Lavylion chocolate is a real gourmet speciality. The taste that has never been felt before, born from the meeting of high cocoa content and aromas specific of Lavylites, is a refined yet natural experience.

Cocoa beans, Cane-sugar, Cocoa butter.

This premium chocolate medallion “comes out on top” with the delicious flavours of a dark chocolate and a wide range of beneficial health effects on the body:


  • Includes a version of the Lavylites master essence that is fit for human consumption.
  • Has a cocoa content of no less than 80%!
  • It is made from high-quality Tanzanian cocoa beans.
  • All its ingredients are organic: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and cane sugar.
  • It is completely dairy-free.
  • It has a low carbohydrate content.
  • It does not contain preservatives.

There are 12 chocolate medallions in a sachet. 12 sweet moments, a little celebration of body and soul... It is recommended either on its own or to top off your coffee.

A chocolate medallion weighs 5 g. A sachet of Lavylion contains 60 g of chocolate.

Leading products

In the last 7 years, the cosmetics company Lavylites has registered one of the fastest growths in the world.

Its leading skin regenerating and conditioning artefacts available in the form of sprays, which can also be considered real pioneers in this category of products, are Lavyl Auricum and its Sensitive version, as well as the oral conditioning spray Lavyl 32.

In addition, 30 more creations beautify our customers’ everyday lives in 33 countries in areas like skin and hair care, nasal, and oral care and in leading a healthy life.

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