Lavylites Prelaunch - Semynarion - Dubai

Lavylites Prelaunch - Semynarion - Dubai

Do you already have contacts in the United Arab Emirates? Do you want to benefit from the latest information live and first hand? What can our partners, and your partners in the United Arab Emirates, expect?

If your answer to at least one of these questions is YES, or you just want to join business with pleasure, then on 7th June 2017, the place for you is in the amazing city of Dubai at the breathtaking Shangri-La Hotel, where you can get the latest news, views and methods of the most successful networkers in the company.

In addition, along with a fascinating insight into how the Lavylites products work, you will receive unparalleled access to the future goals and plans of the company.

At the beginning of the event, Helmut Schmidt and Oliver Trawnicek will discuss why they chose Lavylites three years ago. These two guests have come from different paths in life, but have joined to focus on the same goal; neither of them can now imagine a life without Lavylites. These gentlemen will provide you with useful tips on the question "how".

In the third lecture Ludwig Reiser, the popular naturopathic healing practitioner and quantum physicist, will speak about the scientific background of energy medicine and how the products work. Ludwig Reiser has been involved in healthcare for several decades and is expertly acquainted with Lavylites products. He is constantly searching for and discovering new worlds and dimensions of healing. In his unusual and varied career, he has studied many different philosophies and paradigms, which have left their mark on his mindset and thinking throughout his life.

Finally as the highlight of the evening, Dr. Jack Lupovici, the legal representative of Lavylites Limited and the right hand of the founder, will speak about the company's future vision. Without him, we would not be where we are today. Dr. Lupovici’s endless ideas and expertise support the company worldwide. His decisions serve the interests of the whole network.

This unique opportunity is an event that you and your partners should not miss!

The presentations will be in English, or translated into English from German where required.

The event closes with an evening buffet dinner for all our dear guests.

Draft detailed timetable/program:

15:00 Registration
16:00 Introduction, followed by Helmut Schmidt who shares his own story and talks about ”Why Lavylites”?
16:25 Oliver Trawnicek shares his experience and success with Lavylites, and why he loves both the products and the company.
16:40 Ludwig Reiser: A paradigm shifts in medical thinking. How does energy medicine work scientifically? Part One.
17:40 Break
17:50 Ludwig Reiser Presentation - Part two.
18:55: Dr. Jack Lupovici: The background of Lavylites, Today and Tomorrow: - A vision.
(Opening Dubai and the rest of the world soon, step by step)
19:40 Evening Buffet dinner
End of the event

We look forward to welcoming you to Dubai! Invite your partners and experience the magic of Dubai! 

Important information for those who will travel to Dubai: Your passports need to be valid at least 6 months beyond the period of your planned return. The identity card is not enough to travel to Dubai


7 June 2017
Lectures / Presentations 16: 00-20: 00, followed by an evening buffet dinner  


Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Rd, near Financial Metro Station