Lavylites Day Budapest 2017 - Memories

Lavylites Day Budapest 2017 - Budapest

As enthusiastic Hungarian network builders have been the ones who have launched Lavylites on a world-wide road, we were truly excited to prepare Lavylites Day Budapest. This is why it is especially important for us to continuously feed the enthusiasm of our Hungarian partners.

The whole day was characterized by a particularly positive and love-filled atmosphere, the participants were enriched by new knowledge and have heard excellent lectures. We are confident that everyone who has been there went home filled with pleasant memories and motivation.

We guarantee a similarly affectionate mood with multiple recognitions and world-famous art performances for the upcoming event in November in Vienna. Furtherly, we will be excited to find out the winner of the Titanic Challenge, the one who can take their partner with themselves for an exotic travel in January, accompanied by the most outstanding Lavylites leaders.

You may see photos of the Budapest event here:




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