Swiss Lavylites Market Opening Event Memories

On January 13th, more than 700 Lavylites Partners came together in Zürich to greet the official opening of the Swiss market. Thank you for the pleasure of sharing this memorable day with us!

The sounds of the traditional alphorns added to the unmistakable local atmosphere. The whole day was pervaded by a very special feeling of belonging together.

The program included presentations dealing with the current issues and visions of the future existence of our trade –network marketing,  knowledge exchange on special features of the Lavylites products, announcement of Lavylites novelties, reports of personal success and achievements, and – finally –the “Founding Father” of Lavylites, Tibor Jakabovics detailed us on the new quality standards and perspectives contained in the Lavylites products. 

It's really a challenging task to summarize all that happened there, but you can get a glimpse of it if you scroll through the event photos clicking on the link below:

Of course, a short video report was also made at the event. Take a look at it to get an idea of what the participants could experience on the site: