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Lavylites is an international company that operates in more than 30 countries, being dedicated to the research, production, and distribution of cosmetics.

Its most popular creations are based on a revolutionarily new, special recipe, which is used to create various skin regenerating products, oral and nasal conditioners, as well as skin and hair care products, among others.

The rate of repeated purchases considered exceptional in the cosmetics industry, indicates the effectiveness of the Lavylites products and ensures the basis of the company`s financial success in the long run.

Lavylites’ Research Centre is located in Budapest, while its logistics centres are situated in 4 different parts of the world. The products are very popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria , and are already available on several continents in the world.

Leading products

In the last 7 years, the cosmetics company Lavylites has registered one of the fastest growths in the world.

Its leading skin regenerating and conditioning artefacts available in the form of sprays, which can also be considered real pioneers in this category of products, are Lavyl Auricum and its Sensitive version, as well as the oral conditioning spray Lavyl 32.

In addition, 30 more creations beautify our customers’ everyday lives in 33 countries in areas like skin and hair care, nasal, and oral care and in leading a healthy life.

The secret of the products certified by the Institute J.S. Hamilton and TÜV and tested by Wessling is a special master essence we guard with the utmost care, like a real treasure, which is shaped by an extremely strict, unique manufacturing technology and by the use of many valuable organic ingredients that combine to create an effective exclusive product, which also gets activated through our senses.

For this reason, it is not a coincidence that the most popular Lavylites creations are purchased by an exceptionally large number of people, becoming consequently an integral part of our customers` lives.

Lavylites products are composed mainly from natural ingredients.

Many of our products are gluten and lactose free and are suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans.

Lavylites objects to the use of microplastics and works only with substances that will trigger pleasant and positive sensations, and effects when absorbed through the skin.

are not tested on animals
are GMO-free
do not contain resin
do not contain artificial dyes
do not contain aluminium salts
do not contain silicone
do not contain sulphate
do not contain paraben
Moreover, Lavylites is a philosophy that confirms the existence of life.

It is the uplifting feeling to live for one another. On a cellular and social level alike. Big words? Maybe. But the passion to bring to light the best of everything that is surrounding us gives us universal power.

The world of Lavylites does not make compromises. It transforms the pressure of time into timelessness and reveals the essence behind the relevant. We cherish the countless gifts life offers us, because the future wants to meet us. We must only hear its call…

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