The founder’s story

Tibor Jakabovics is an engineer, inventor, researcher, collector, philanthropist, three young daughters’ father, chocolate, and jogging addict. He is interested in everything from mammoth pines to the mitochondria in the cells, from vertical cities to his young daughters’ eyes, and will talk with great joy about everything. He hopes to open gates for people. He believes that Lavylites has not been created by him, but by the first collaborators and interested parties. He has just planted a small seed with his accidental discovery, from which later a huge oak tree grew.

How the invention was born

After witnessing an accident that caused serious burn injuries in his immediate environment, he was considering for a long time the possible methods of healing major injuries. He might have wanted to compensate somehow the trauma he had once witnessed. He started from the premise that the functioning and self-regeneration of the skin is of great importance for the whole body. In the case of accidents involving major injuries, burns, and substances or infections that attack the skin, life or death, or at least the quality of life often depend on the skin’s ability to regenerate. He attributes the discovery of the essence to chance.

The man behind the company

Tibor Jakabovics is considered by his acquaintances a “Renaissance man”, someone who is fascinated by the diversity of the world. He is glad that he lives in these exciting times, he is fascinated by the spiritual exaltation in which we exist. He considers himself a lucky person because he has always dealt with what he was interested in and because he has found in his family his innermost self. The community that has grown around him by now gives him a lot of inspiration and support. He is an introverted person who considers charity as a duty and does good deeds in silence, from the background. He tries to support as much as he can and handles personally everything that touches his soul, be it a hospital, a school, the unprivileged or someone who is willing to learn.

Educational background, areas of interest

He was born in Pécs in 1966. He went to primary school there and then attended the university in Veszprém. He graduated as a chemical engineer and was also excited about human biology and the transfer of matter and information in living organisms in general. Therefore, although he has done research in a wide range of fields, eventually the revelation that emerged out of his experiments conducted on the functioning of the human body and on the ways it is influenced in a positive sense of the word, has changed his own life and that of about 300,000 consumers’ in at least 30 countries.

Launching of the business enterprise

Tibor chose to live for a long while far from civilization, on a farm, in order to be able to deal with the technical literature and research that were so important to him. When he realized he had discovered something, he told his acquaintances about it, and many of them wanted to try the essence. Then they asked for it again and again. It gained ground in no time. Someone even offered to buy the essence in bigger quantities, so Tibor bought 100 bottles at the nearest pharmacy. He filled them, packed them in his backpack, and got on a train. He handed over the bottles to the buyer in a town situated at a distance of 200 kms and then travelled back home. He thought that was that. But shortly after having returned home, he was informed on the phone that additional 500 bottles were needed….

This is how the economic chapter of Lavylites’ story began.

History of the company

The Lavylites brand was launched in 2013. In the first five years, more than three million units were sold. The customers found the product to be effective, and it was re-purchased regularly, at a remarkably high rate in the cosmetics industry. In the first 6 years there was not even a single advertising campaign behind Lavylites. Experience, word-of mouth publicity, a supportive community enliven the company, which in recent years has increased its turnover to an extent that not even the majority of global companies were able to surpass.

Establishment of the research institute and production base

Tibor Jakabovics founded a well-equipped biological / chemical research institute, where biochemists, biologists, and nanotechnologists examined what stands behind the mechanism of action of the Lavylites creations and how the invention could be used to serve additional products or even to create completely new ones. With the establishment of the institute, production was also provided a solid basis, with the creation of strict quality and production preparation rules that are not typical even of the largest multinational companies in Europe or on other continents.

The secret recipe of the master essence and the two safes

The master essence that forms the basis of the creations is still prepared by the founder, because this task implies precision, competence and responsibility to such a degree that he sees it best to keep it to himself. Similar to Coca-Cola or KFC, the secret recipe is safely stored. There are two safes in the world with descriptions of equipment, sizing, technology, materials, and their exact proportions. The initiated persons will be able to get access to them with the help of a long code, if needed.

Lavylites in the world

The company has been keeping firmly to its strict manufacturing philosophy and logistics principles from the very beginning, and today it is present in all EU countries and on other continents. The effectiveness of its creations, the team behind it, and its loyal customers provide Lavylites with tremendous stability. The company`s European Logistics Center and three additional Lavylites warehouses on three continents help to place the products on the market.

Recent results of independent research, awards

Recent test results obtained from internationally recognized certification institutes that work at high scientific and industry standards, such as the J. S. Hamilton Institute, have been completely convincing. The most popular Lavylites cosmetics were tested with the help of a control group and laboratory devices in parallel. After better-than-expected results, TÜV has also issued a certificate, recently that attests to the fact that several Lavylites products are cosmetics with antiseptic effects.

Lavyl Auricum has been awarded the Grand Prize by the jury of the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards led in 2020 by Nadja Swarovski, and the family brands Lavyl Auricum and Auricum Sensitive were declared the fastest growing cosmetics in the world. Exyol Gemma Prevent received the Jury Award for Most Innovative Anti-Aging Cream for aging, sensitive skin. Lavyl Nose and Lavyl32 finished among the finalists. Lavylites has outpaced world brands like L’Oreál or Estée Lauder and has become an international professional leader in the world’s number one independent competition of the cosmetic industry, with awards authorized by a prestigious jury.