Community, value, predictability

Speed, efficiency and fairness. Not one or the other.

Our loyalty program offers you rewards in the form of bonus points.

A stable, efficient, value-added system

Joining our network will yield excellent opportunities and several ways to earn bonus points for yourself and for your network. 

Start bonus

After each new entrant in your network, you will receive bonus points. You can receive a share of the Start Bonus if you have an active membership.

Start Pool

Lavylites redistributes 2% of its entire repeate purchase revenue among all of its partners from Member to Leader level who registered at least 2 members in the given week whose activity has reached 80 PVs each.

Binary Bonus

Long term predictability and stability

You will receive bonus points after the turnover of your network. Your reward will be 10% of the PV points from the shorter side of your network in the form of bonus points.

Personal Bonus

Personal success, personal profit

On each auto-activer purchase of your own, you will be entitled to a reimbrusment 20% the value exceeding 80 PV. The bonus also applies for any further purchase in the same activity period.

Matching Bonus

On your personal sponsor tree, based on the accomplished generation depth, Matching Bonus will be distributed to each partner who has achieved at least Team Leader level qualification.

Lifestyle Bonus

Manager`s work, manager`s reward

You are a real Manager. From Manager level you are entitled for a fixed amount of monthly bonus.

Initial qualifaction for the the monthly extra manager`s reward: retention of the manager qualification level for four weeks in a row.


Leader Pool

You can accomplish your dreams

Lavylites distributes 5% of its repeating purchase turnover among partners upwards of Rubium manager level.