Our Story

Tibor Jakabovics: an engineer, inventor, researcher, collector, a philantrope, father to three daughters, with a sweet tooth and a penchant for running. From the tallest sequoia to the tiniest mitochondria of a cell, from the tallest cities to the eyes of his daughters – he is fascinated, and is keen on discussing, about everything. His motivation is to open doors for mankind. He reckons that Lavylites has not so much been his creation but that of those who would show interest about it and willingness to work on the concept. His unintentional discovery merely planted a seed, he says, of which a giant oak would then grow. Lavylites has boasted a growth rate the past years that would make that of even the largest global corporations like Microsoft look bad.

Studies & Research Work

Tibor was born in 1966, in the Hungarian town of Pécs. He would spend his early school years there before going to university to Veszprém, Hungary. He graduated as a chemical engineer, but his main focus of interest was on human biology as well as the metabolism and information transfer in living organisms. Participating in various research projects within his field of expertise as a chemical engineer he soon chanced upon a revelation during one such project regarding the functioning of the human body and the benevolent tampering with it, which revelation would go on changing the lives of him and about 300,000 customers of his products in at least 30 countries around the globe.

Someone he knew suffered severe skin burns, prompting him to delve into the topic of healing extensive skin burns. In hindsight, his main motivation might have been trying to cope with the agony he had to witness. He soon understood that the function of the skin and its capability to reproduce itself are crucial for the whole of the human body. In cases of injuries and accidents leaving extensive areas of the skin burnt, as well as irritations and infections of the skin, survival of the victim often times depends on this self-healing capability of the skin. And even when it does not go as far as survival depending on it, the quality of life of the victim surely will.

An Invention Is Born And Grows

When Tibor Jakabovics realised he had an invention, something completely new in his hands, he spread the word around – and everyone wanted to test the new stuff. The results left them in awe, making them spread the great news even further – and so more and more people came from further and further, to benefit from the healing power of Tibor’s potion. The news about this new “miraculous” stuff would spread like wild fire. Even an order for a significant quantity came. At the time Tibor lived in a country farmhouse, far from the noise of civilisation so that he could concentrate on delving into the relevant literature and carrying out his research. Receiving the above mentioned order he went to the nearest pharmacist’s and purchased 100 medicine bottles. He then filled them with his new medicine, put them in a backpack and took a train to deliver the order. 200 kilometres away he got off the train, handed over the bottles, then took the next train back home. He considered the transaction complete. But, soon after arriving back home and going on with his research he received a phone order for another 500 bottles...

This was where Lavylites began is business venture phase.

A Research Institute And A Production Site Are Born

Tibor Jakabovics founded a well-equipped biology and chemistry research lab where experts of the fields of biochemistry. biology and nanotechnology carry out thorough scientific research how the products of Lavylites work. The lab also consolidates production, as it allowed for the establishment and observation of strict quality and pre-production requirements even the largest multinational corporations in Europe and around the world would envy.

The Company And The Background

The company was founded in 2013 by Tibor Jakabovics. The sales surpassed three million product units within the first 5 years. The path to success was relatively easy: the first customers found the products effective, and so kept buying them. This led to a repurchase rate quite rare in the cosmetics industry: basically, everyone kept purchasing the Lavylites products until their problems which led them to use those, were gone. Lavylites never had one single ad campaign in these 6 years. Our only method of promotion would be the customers telling people about our products and recommending it, based on their own positive results and opinions.

The Master Recipe And The Two Safes

The master mixture – the base of our products – is only produced by our founder, as he does not want others to have to assume the responsibility for the degree of precision and deep know-how creating the proper mixture requires. Just like with Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried Chicken: the recipe is a well guarded secret. The full documentation containing the list of equipment, portioning, the technology and the ingredients is kept in two safes out there in the world. When time comes for someone else to see this documentation, they can only open the safes using a long combination. Our founder has not considered patenting the base mixture, as it would require disclosing the complete technological documentation.

Lavylites In The World

Today Lavylites is present in every European market and even outside of our continent via a 10,000 direct selling network which, unlike other methods, proved to be a lasting solution. The company has long been in the competition’s crosshair, and, most naturally, there have been lows and rougher patches along the way. But the effectiveness of our products, the network behind it and our returning customers give the company the three solid legs we need to maintain stability. Today our products help people in more than 30 countries around the world from the USA, through Vietnam all the way to New Zealand. The European Logistics Centre of Lavylites always has the capacity to enter a new market. Every order received in time will be assembled and forwarded to the courier service the same day the order is received, regardless of the circumstances – even in extreme cases where meeting this strict same-day policy means a very long extra mile for the company. For orders from outside Europe we have three more Lavylites distribution warehouses on three continents outside Europe. Lavylites has established and has always rigorously and consistently enforced a strict production policy.

Up-To-Date Test Results By An Independent Institute

Carried out by the J. S. Hamilton Institute and based on established scientific and industry standards our latest test results are positive. The most popular Lavylites cosmetic products were tested using a control group and lab test procedure. We were confident the results would be good – but were frankly surprised by how good they were, in any aspect of the tests.

Our Philosophy Of Life

Our founder has been a true Renaissance Man who can always genuinely admire the wealth and diversity of life around him. He appreciates living in this day and age, and is fascinated by the intense intellectual buzz of the times. He considers himself a lucky man, for his work involves what he is passionate about, has a family that allows him to be the truest of himself, and could build a community around himself that is a solid source of both inspiration and support. He won’t boast about all the charity he has done, but won’t deny it if asked. His charity doesn’t follow straight marketing lines – it is not what he “should” support that he looks to but rather what calls him, what touches him – and he will support that cause or institute as much as he can, be that a hospital, a school or the Budapest Santa Claus Factory.

Somewhere deep inside Tibor has always remained a little kid who is afraid of but, at the same time, intrigued by the darkness of the night, and is curious of the stars above and so keeps watching them – until he finds something. He considers Lavylites as a child of our joined efforts, something that is more than merely the combination of us. He thinks of himself as the helmsman whose duty is to keep the direction of the ship of Lavylites whenever it is necessary. Money, for him, is merely a means of the measurement of success, not the goal. For Tibor, the focus is not on maintaining the moment, but creating the future.

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