Lavylites Day Budapest

Lavylites Day Budapest

September 23, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

The Lavylites company was established in Hungary from where it set out on its global journey. Thanks to many of our Partners and purchasers enthusiastically building the good reputation of the Lavylites products, products have now become available in many European countries, and will be available in other parts of the world as well. In the past, we have organized events mainly on foreign markets, but now the time has come for us to invite all of those on the Hungarian market who believe in the future of Lavylites and its products.

We have set serious goals for the future and for that we are already working on the implementation plans that will provide significant support to our committed Partners and to those who have only been enthusiastic purchasers of our products but have not participated in marketing them yet.

Join us on this day, open your heart and mind to feel and understand why it could be a really lucrative opportunity for you to promote Lavylites’ good reputation and to share your product experience.

We can already say without a doubt that it will be a versatile and motivating day with foreign and national speakers whose presentations will help to better understand the mechanism of action of the products and also to develop a successful network marketing business.

During the day, we will invite your for an afternoon coffee, where soft drinks and cookies will be served.

Ludwig Reiser, the quantum physicist and naturopathic doctor, will give the first presentation, where we will have the opportunity to expand our knowledge on Lavylites products. This will be followed by a lunch break, where everyone may find to their liking from the many choices offered by the WestEnd mall.

Recognition is one important key of many for satisfaction. Thus, after lunch, we will give our recognition on stage to those of our partners who have reached new business levels.

On this special Lavylites Day our guest speaker will be Ádám Szalay, who is a well-known former television personality, journalist and has been a motivation trainer for a number of years. He will speak on stage following the recognition session.


We have also invited András Vízy, also known by many from television, to be our host on this special day. Happy vibes will be guaranteed by his outstanding sense of humor and proficient communication skills.


In the afternoon, there will be presentations from a first-person perspective given by successful Lavylites partners about their successes achieved so far and their experiences.

And, of course, Lavylites Day cannot pass without the thoughts of the founder, Tibor Jakabovics. Thus at the end of the event Tibor Jakabovics will share his future building plans and goals with his attending Lavylites partners.

Take part in the Budapest Lavylites Day, and gain a new vision for your future, and strengthen your faith. Support your team and growth in your business by not coming alone but along with your partners.

Let’s open a new era in the history of Lavylites in Hungary. We do hope that you will be there as well at this event and will invite your partners too.

Registration starts from 10:00 am.


- Event Opening by András Vízy
- Ludwig Reiser’s presentation with interpreter on stage
- Recognitions
- Ádám Szalay’s presentation
- Presentations given by network building Leaders
- Tibor Jakabovics' speech

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Lavylites Day in Budapest! Order your ticket NOW!

You may purchase your entry ticket at a reduced price for €19 until the 20th of September.

Name of event: Lavylites Day Budapest


September 23, 2017
11:00 - 18:00


Hotel WestEnd Hilton
1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3