We are together. Without limits.

When I visit a city for the first time, the first thing I do is to hop on a tram or a bus, to have a taste or a feel of what it is like to be really present there. To live.
Spending real days, getting up early, carrying the kids in the rain... sensing the lingering, heavy and pungent scent of wool coats.
Suntanned, bronze and sweaty skins, some slightly perfumed giggling nearby.
Stubbly faces, make-up, looks and gazes through the window. We are getting to know each other.
Everyone, everywhere doing things in different ways, that is, in the same way, the same things.
The last time I was on a bus in Stockholm, suddenly losing balance I accidently stepped on a lady’s foot, stumbled and gripped her so we almost fell down together. Alarmed, I blurted with Hungarian eloquence „Excuse me, Gosh Darn!” The lady replied in English “no problem... besides, my son-in-law is Hungarian, at times he also utters Hungarian expressions like Gosh. My daughter studied in Vienna, that's how they met.” Feeling confused, I asked if I could help her with anything as I almost knocked her down. She said “No way, but the next is the last stop, let's have coffee”. She was going to meet a friend of hers in an hour to join some singing group. I have never had coffee in my life, especially not at a Swedish lady’s invitation.
We had a great chat.
It did leave an impact. It's possible to be unafraid of others.
It's possible to give and get. A smile. An insight. We just need to let it happen.
There is no greater power, the connection between people. Sharing knowledge and experience. Safety. Understanding acquaintances all around.
Supportive and open world.
Living here, traveling there, learning elsewhere.
We are together. Here, on this planet, and otherwhere.
There are no limits... in anything.

Tibor Jakabovics, Founder

Community, value, predictability

Speed, efficiency and fairness. Not one or the other.

Our hibrid-binary system offers fast reward and predictable, long term income.

A stable, efficient, value-added system

Joining our network will yield excellent supplemental income, a secure livelihood as a mid-level manager, and later on an outstanding source of passive income.

Start bonus

The first step towards accomplishing your dreams. After each new entrant in your network, (registered by you or your partners), you will receive a commission of 20 to 58%, depending on your qualification. You are entitled to a differential commission on new entrants registered in your network.(calculated as the variance between the commission at your qualification level and that of the new entrant’s, at the first purchase).You can receive a share of the Start Bonus if you have an active membership corresponding to your career level. If there is no activity, your commission will constitute part of the Matching Bonus.

Start Pool

Lavylites redistributes 2% of its entire repeate purchase revenue among all of its partners from Member to Leader level who registered at least 2 members in the given week whose activity has reached 80PVs each.

Binary Bonus

Long term predictability and stability

The basis of the binary structure is that while you receive a share of 10% of the turnover of the short side the remaining turnover of the long side (i.e. the difference between the turnovers of the two sides) will be carried over to the following week

It is a condition for the payment of the bonus that there should be activity that is worth at least 80 PV and one directly registered active members on both sides.

Personal Bonus

Personal success, personal profit

On each auto-activer purchase of your own, you will be entitled to a reimbrusment 20% the value exceeding 80 PV. The bonus also applies for any further purchase in the same activity period.

Matching Bonus

Carefree years of retirement

On your personal sponsor tree, based on the accomplished generation depth, Matching Bonus will be distributed to each partner who has achieved at least Team Leader level qualification.

Lifestyle Bonus

Manager's work, manager's reward

You are a real Manager. From Manager level you are entitled for a fixed amount of monthly bonus.

Initial qualifaction for the the monthly extra manager's reward: retention of the manager qualification level for four weeks in a row.


Leader Pool

You can accomplish your dreams

Lavylites distributes 5% of its repeating purchase turnover among partners upwards of Rubium manager level.