Who is Tibor Jakabovics?

Tibor Jakabovics

Born in 1966 Tibor Jakabovics is a Hungarian research scientist with a university degree in chemical engineering who has been carrying out his own independent research and development activities. His autonomous mind-set and work style made solitary research work the most suitable method for him. It granted him the necessary independence and freedom to travel around the world and always concentrate on what he deemed most important. During his travels he gained an extensive array of experiences from cutting-edge notions to the most traditional and isolated concepts. His drive to learn and experiment brought about his first products and thus the Lavylites organisation as we know it.

From scientific research through community development to the world of arts, Mr. Jakabovics has been an active participant in quite several aspects of life. His main areas of activity include:

  • Biochemical research institute – biochemical, biomedical and biotechnological research
  • Lavylites – mindful cosmetic products
  • The Tibor Jakabovics Goodwill Fund – charity
  • The Darwin Buffet Collections – value-creating contemporary art
  • Pentagonyl Design – object design and creation
  • StartUp! – a startup support fund
  • Morning Light Run – a running event